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Beach Hotel Sunshine Ishigakijima

Post date:2024.02.19

A colorful long stay in a tranquil resort on Ishigaki Island.

Wi-Fi is available anywhere on the premises, including by the poolside. Enjoy a colorful and tranquil long stay at our resort on Ishigaki Island.

Located on the west coast of Ishigaki Island, just a 30-minute drive from New Ishigaki Airport in the south.  A quiet environment away from the bustling downtown center, Ishigaki Island Beach Hotel Sunshine is only 10 minutes from the island terminal and an ideal base for sightseeing,. whilst providing a comfortable workation environment.

Experience 'Sea, Sky, Stars, and Breeze' while working remotely.

We don't have dedicated workspaces, instead, we offer high-speed internet access in every corner – be it in your room, the lounge, the restaurant, or by the poolside. Work comfortably from wherever suits you best.

nfinity pool 
Infinity pool evening view

On sunny days, feel free to use the terrace, where, when you lift your gaze from the screen, you'll be greeted by the expansive ocean.

The newly constructed rooms give the sensation of floating above the sea. With all rooms offering ocean views, working from your room all day sees the stress dissipate as you gaze out the window at the breathtaking scenery.

The new building is equipped with individual internet connections for each room, ensuring that the entire facility, including poolside areas, has a well-established communication environment. During regular seasons, you can comfortably use the internet at any time of the day without any restrictions.

The lounge, where you can work while gazing at the sea beyond the infinity pool, is a popular spot.

The reception area in the new building, which also serves as a chapel, provides a serene and focused atmosphere as check-ins and other processes are consolidated in the main building.

Water dispensers are available as a sustainable option. Please bring your own reusable water bottle.

Beach Hotel Sunshine Ishigakijima
Vice President & Representative Director/General Manager 
Yoko Akagi

"Although our hotel has been established for 45 years, even before the pandemic, we attracted many tourists from Europe who often engaged in long-term stays, bringing their laptops and frequently conducting online meetings. Recognizing this trend early on, we proactively developed facilities catering to inbound travellers. With the surge in remote work usage from major domestic cities during the pandemic, we further enhanced our facilities, including Wi-Fi, to accommodate the changing needs. Given Ishigaki Island's warm climate, even during winter, on calm days, you can enjoy working outdoors by the poolside or on the grass. We provide a variety of rental equipment, including easy-to-set-up tents for shade. Feel free to request anything you need at any time."

The open-air bath offers a breathtaking view, 'Yuntakunu-yu,' is the most scenic hot spring bath on the island.

After work, unwind in the rare panoramic bath, soothing away the day's fatigue in Okinawa. In front of you, the sea painted in the colors of the sunset and the expansive starry sky create a tranquil atmosphere.

Join our 'Shanishani Stargazing Tour' guided by an expert in stargazing for an enchanting celestial experience.

'Shanishani' is a local term in the Ishigaki dialect expressing a cheerful and lively feeling. On the rooftop of the new building, you can lay back on dedicated gazing beds and listen to star-related stories of the Yaeyama Islands guided by a stargazing expert. Occasionally, you might hear the hooting of owls or the gentle breaths of fellow participants. It's a relaxing experience that can help soothe tired eyes and minds from staring at screens during the day, promoting a good night's sleep.

Since 2018, the Yaeyama Islands have been designated as a starry sky preservation area. At Ishigaki Island Beach Hotel Sunshine, we've implemented measures such as indirect lighting in the corridors of the new building and unnecessary outdoor lighting has been reduced to prevent direct light pollution... At night, the hotel becomes nearly invisible from the sea. This means that on clear days, you can enjoy a full sky of stars right within the hotel premises.

Whether you're travelling solo, enjoying a leisurely resort getaway with a partner, or spending quality time with your family, Ishigaki Island Beach Hotel Sunshine offers the flexibility to work in your preferred setting within the facility. With a beautiful beach right in front and a variety of activities, including yoga programs, you can fully indulge in a resort stay right here.

With convenient access from major cities and a comfortable remote work environment amidst nature, Ishigaki Island is highly recommended for those considering their first remote island workation. Why not consider adding it to your list of potential workation destinations for a unique and enriching experience?


Ishigakijima Beach Hotel Sunshine

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Ishigakijima Beach Hotel Sunshine

Ishigakijima Beach Hotel Sunshine
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