Okinawa Resort Workcation Promotion Council

Member recruitment MEMBER RECYUITMENT

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Advantages of joining MEMBERSHIP MERIT

We collect and share information on a prefecture-wide basis, and work to resolve issues not only individually, but also as a whole in Okinawa.

Registration process REGISTERATION FLOW

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There are two types of membership: "Supporting Members" and "Special Members".

Supporting Members

Companies and individuals who agree with the purpose of the council

Special Members

Economic organizations, public institutions, and other organizations that support the purpose of the council

Joining a “subcommittee” SUBCOMMITTEE

Member companies and organizations are required to join one of the following subcommittees: the Tourism and Visitors Subcommittee, the Industry Promotion Subcommittee, or the Community and Reception Subcommittee.

Okinawa Resort Workcation Promotion Council
〈Summary of Activities〉

  • 1.

    Collection and sharing information for all Okinawa regarding workcations

  • 2.

    Identification of markets and issues, and consideration of measures to address them

  • 3.

    Foster momentum by involving the Federation of Economic Organizations

  • 4.

    Understanding market data and examining measures to achieve our goals

  • 5.

    Joint development of promotions

  • 6.

    Market and community matching support

Examples of the efforts of the subcommittees (Draft plan)

Tourism and Attracting Visitors Subcommittee

  • Efforts toward differentiating elements and branding of Okinawa
  • Efforts to link with tourism programs
  • Effective information sharing (promotion) methods
  • Cooperation with the market side, etc.

Industrial Promotion Subcommittee

  • Consideration of Business Matching in the Past.
  • Study of measures to attract companies, etc.

Regional and Acceptance Subcommittee

  • Identification of local needs and issues
  • Consideration of measures to address telecommunication infrastructure issues
  • Necessity for and training of regional coordinators, etc.