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Coworking Space KLATCH Ishigaki

Post date:2024.02.19

A coworking space born from a popular coffee shop in Ishigaki Island.

Born from a popular coffee shop in Ishigaki Island, this coworking space connects people to people.

howlive operates the largest network of coworking spaces in the Okinawa Prefecture, spanning seven locations. Centered around the theme 'To work is to live,' the workspaces, designed with the working person in mind, each equipped with kitchen facilities. Each of our seven locations feature a unique color palette, creating their own sense of identity. The Nago Miyazato branch hosts a variety of tenants, including a food company, an FM radio station, a newspaper branch, and a gym, creating a dynamic environment where a wide array of people interact daily.

Ishigaki Island, just about an hour's flight from Naha, and with direct flights from major domestic cities like Haneda, Osaka, and Fukuoka, is an Okinawan island where accommodation options range from guesthouses to resort hotels. Here, the exquisite harmony of nature and a hassle-free remote work environment awaits.

For locals, newcomers, and travellers alike. A coworking space where you can 'yuntaku' (chat and relax).

Ishigaki Island has seen a growing trend of coworking spaces, and one popular choice is Coworking Space KLATCH Ishigaki, operated by the owner of a local coffee shop. Located about a 30-minute drive from New Ishigaki Airport and situated in the heart of Ishigaki's bustling downtown, this coworking space is a renovated 7-bedroom Japanese-style house with approximately 100 square meters of space. It offers spacious tatami rooms and a bar space where different eateries operate on a rotating basis.

The name 'coffee klatch,' from which the shop derives its name, means a gathering where people chat over coffee. In Okinawan dialect, it's synonymous with the term 'yuntaku.' Beyond just providing a space equipped with Wi-Fi and desks for work, the intention is for this place to be a space where people, for various reasons such as work or study, can gently connect. The hope is to create a community where people visiting this space can form meaningful connections.

Rooms that you can choose based on your mood for the day.

The facility is divided into several themed rooms, allowing you to choose a room based on your mood or purpose for the day. In addition, apart from the reserved telephone booths and meeting rooms, you are free to move around as you please.

Whether you want to focus or take a moment to relax, feel free to move around as needed.

The open living space, where you are free to eat and drink, comes to life at 6 PM with daily rotating food and beverage services. Currently, two establishments, 'KULCHA' offering ethnic cuisine and craft beer, and 'Furatto' serving Niigata sake paired with delightful dishes, take turns operating twice a week.

This environment is designed to provide a space where the tension from work naturally eases with delicious food and drinks, fostering spontaneous conversations and creating a hub for communication.

◇A Japanese-style room where conversation and meals are welcome, and even taking a nap is allowed.

With brand-new tatami mats and comfortable sofas, the Japanese-style room offers a cozy environment where you can comfortably work, have meals, and even take a leisurely nap. The desk space tucked away in what appears to be a former closet is also quite popular.

During the establishment of the coworking space, significant renovations were carried out throughout the facility. However, the Japanese-style room remains in its original state from when it was a residence, preserving traditional construction techniques that do not involve the use of nails. This unique feature holds cultural value and reflects the lively gatherings of extended family members during traditional events such as the Bon festival.

◇Private rooms and semi-private spaces.

Private rooms and semi-private spaces are available through advanced reservations, but if there is availability on the day, you can use them without prior booking. These spaces are ideal for times when you want to concentrate without being seen or need to make a phone call. There is no additional charge for these facilities.

◇The library

When you want to focus for an extended period, we recommend the library with booth seating equipped with gaming chairs. In this area, eating, drinking, and conversations are not allowed to maintain a quiet environment.

◇The beach.

The beach-themed room with colorful chairs against white walls is also a dedicated space for concentration, where eating, drinking, and conversation are not allowed. Despite the absence of partition walls, the room is spacious, allowing for the creation of a personal workspace and fostering productivity for creative tasks.

◇The meeting room.

The meeting room is available by reservation and incurs an additional fee. It offers ample space and can be utilized for various purposes such as meetings, presentations, group training, team building, and off-site activities.

Klatch Corporation Yousuke Suzuki

"KLATCH Ishigaki was established in April 2021. Initially, we operated a cafe (KLATCH COFFEE) and a car rental company (KLATCH RENT-A-CAR). However, we noticed a shift in customer demographics when the COVID-19 situation began to settle down, and tourists started returning with the resurgence of GOTO Travel.

The number of family tourists decreased, and there was a noticeable increase in individuals using the cafe for remote work (workation), prompting us to realize the need for a coworking space. At that time, our cafe had only six seats. This led us to embark on a property search, and that's when we discovered this location. Committed to doing it right, we conducted nationwide surveys of coworking spaces. To ensure long-term utilization in Ishigaki, we determined an optimal pricing strategy. We also implemented features like top-notch security, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a system allowing smartphone-controlled door access, catering to unmanned periods during late nights and early mornings.

Since opening, we have continued to evolve based on user feedback. Currently, around 20 companies have registered for corporate use of virtual offices. With monthly fees starting from under 10,000 yen, businesses can benefit from services like mail forwarding, address usage, and coworking space memberships. We hope to serve as a stepping stone for those working in Tokyo who are considering establishing a presence in Ishigaki."

Coworking Space KLATCH Ishigaki is tucked away in a slightly secluded spot in the heart of the town, like a hidden gem.. Serving as a hub for activities in Ishigaki, it's also a valuable resource for making the most of the gaps in your schedule, such as before checking into a hotel.

Fee Plans

【Workation Plan】 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM 1 hour ¥500
1 day ¥1,500
Weekly (Weekdays) ¥5,800
Weekly (Everyday) ¥6,800
Monthly (Weekdays) ¥11,800
Monthly (Everyday) ¥13,800
《Monthly Membership Plan》 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Weekday Membership ¥9,800
Everyday Membership ¥12,800
Weekend Membership ¥3,800
《Meeting Room》 Regular Price ¥5,000/month
Monthly Membership Price ¥2,000/month
《Optional Services》 Corporate Registration ¥2,000/month
Google Maps Registration ¥2,000/month
Gym visitor fee 1,820 yen/90 min.
Unlimited use of gym plan 205,000 yen/month~

・High-speed Wi-Fi
・Monitor rental service
・Charging cables

Coworking Space KLATCH Ishigaki

278 Oukawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa TAMA Building II, 2nd Floor, Room 201
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